Cyber-attacks are closer than you think.

All businesses deserve a secure network, but not all businesses have the IT resources. With In2net,

we take care of your network security for you, backed by 20+ years of expertise in network security.

Our Services

IT Consultation

Planning is everything! Your worry-free secured network begins with our FREE IT consultation. We will perform a comprehensive assessment to understand your needs and provide solutions to suit your network needs.

Threat Prevention

Cyber attack risk is everywhere, due to the ever-growing use of mobile devices, social network, cloud-based apps, and convenience of internet access. Our transparent firewall setup will ensure your digital assets are securely protected against intrusions, malware, DoS attacks, etc., and, at the same time, give you the flexibility of customizing your network or equipment the way you want.

Network Security

We safeguard your sensitive data by utilizing IPSEC VPN, gateway-to-gateway (between office) or gateway-to-client (between office and home) setup.

Security Recommendations

With our security recommendations, we ensure that your network security will be sustainable in the long run. Plus, software, licenses, and upgrade cycles for equipment are all bundled in the packages - leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Why Choose In2net?

No "One-Man-Band" Contractor


Outsourcing your IT services to a part-time freelancer may reduce your overhead costs in the short run. But when experiencing network issues, you may need to wait hours or days for your "already-have-a-job" IT expert, only to schedule a time slot and resolve your problem the following day. With our in-house support team, you will get a rapid response from us.

Simple Pricing that Fits Your Business

We offer bundled pricing, so that you don't need to worry about extra charges. Multiple pricing packages are offered to fit business of all sizes. At In2net, we guarantee: "No surprises, no hidden fees."

Long Term Business with NO Long Term Contracts

Having served thousands of small to medium-size organizations in Greater Vancouver in the past 20+ years, we sure know how to retain happy customers: serve them by delivering excellent service! Therefore, we don't offer long-term contracts. Your satisfaction is what makes you stay with us!

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In2net Network Inc. is a trusted Canadian IT consulting service provider since 1996. We safeguard SMB in Greater Vancouver

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